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Procedures for Students

Daily Supplies


          Students are required to wear masks or face coverings that will fit snug and cover the nose, mouth and extend to the chin.

          Bandanas and gaiters are not allowed.

          Students with disabilities may qualify for an exception.

     Daily Self-Screening (see Entering Campus section below)

     Charged computer

          Provided SDUSD computers are preferred, but personal computers are permitted.

          SDUSD does not assume any liability for personal computers or personal property.

          It will be much easier to receive help and follow along with the class when using an SDUSD computer.

     Water Bottle

          Water fountains are deactivated but water bottle filling stations are operational.

          Drinking directly from the filling stations is not allowed, filling a water bottle is allowed.

     Writing Utensils and Paper

          Any sharing of school supplies is strongly discouraged.

          Each teacher will provide specifics on recommended school supplies.

Entering Campus

     Watch this video for more information on entering campus in the morning.

Students will present daily self screening (either paper form or ClearPass App confirmation on phone) to staff and enter through the designated gate:

     Entering location is determined by your first class of the day:

          Front Gate (by auditorium) = Science/500 buildings

          Front Gate (by office) = Main building 100s

          Gate 3 (by room 200) = 200s/300s/PE

     Students who do not bring self-screening materials must go to the Screening table in front of the main building. A staff member will conduct the screening there which includes questions and a temperature check.

     Gates are expected to be opened by 7:45 AM daily. After entry, students will walk directly to the classroom.

     Students MAY NOT group together and congregate with their friends. If they are waiting for the gates to open they must stay 6 feet apart.


     Breakfast is provided in the Grab-n-Go lunch from the previous day. Students will need to consume breakfast before entering the school campus.

Passing Period

     Watch this video for more information on passing period guidelines.

     The new bell schedule indicates a passing period of 5 minutes.

     Students will change classes by going DIRECTLY to their next class following the lane markers and social distancing guidelines.

     Students will immediately enter the next room to an assigned seat.

Bathroom Policy

     Watch this video for more information on the policies for using the bathroom.

     Each bathroom will be labeled with the maximum number of students allowed. All other students will wait outside the bathroom, at least 6 feet apart.

     Click the following link for more information from the district: Student Bathroom Occupancy


     Students will not be changing out for PE. There will be no locker room use.

     Students will either be on the courts doing a physical activity, socially distanced, or in the classroom using their computer.

     Students will need to wear closed toed shoes and appropriate school attire that will accommodate movement.


     Lunch pin numbers will not be necessary.

     Click the following link for more information from the district: Students Eating on Campus

          Students who will be participating in after-school groups can access a school lunch or bring their own lunch to eat.

               Food must be eaten in the lunch area.

               Masks are off only for eating; must be on for the remainder of the lunch period.

               Distancing Applies. 

     Students not staying after school may receive a Grab and Go Lunch. This lunch will be consumed off campus.


     Students will be dismissed and exit through the appropriate gate based on their last period class.

          Front Gate 1 (by auditorium) = Science/500 buildings

          Front Gate 2 (by office) = Main building 100s

          Gate 3 (by room 200) = 200s/300s/PE

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